Thursday, April 26, 2007

Things Serious

At a wedding I recently conducted, the groom - Sam - asked me if I could use his Full Christian Name - Samuel - throughout the service. 'OK, No worres' - I readily agreed. 'Very glad to do so'. Although, a couple of times during the message, as I spoke in a personal direct manner to him, and his bride, I did use the shorter, more common name [which we usually use].

He and his wife both enjoy some of the finer pleasures in life.

But Sam is generally, not really a "stickler for formality". Indeed, he is somewhat casual, as are most Aussie country lads. But on this occasion - he was taking the whole matter seriously.

In the wedding service we say: "Marriage is a way of life which all people should honour; it is not to be entered into lightly or selfishly, but responsibly and in the love of God".

The couple also conclude their vows, saying: 'This is my solemn vow'.

So, "lightly" is out, on this occasion.
It really is great, when people take great and serious matters - seriously. This is especially so for marriage.

Strangely - and unfortunately - many people today are taking the lighter things [sport, entertainment, vacations, blogging] soooo... seriously, but they are taking the more serious matters [marriage, Christ, faith, worship] so lightly and casually.

Solemnity. Seriousness. And now, all the fun and joy of married life. Good on you Sam! All the best, Ellen.

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