Sunday, November 11, 2012

Writings of George Robert Iles

It is 3 years since Uniting Church Minister, Robert Iles died of cancer. He proclaimed Christ Jesus, crucified and risen, as the central theme of life and service, with good humour, joy, serious nobility and tenacity.
On Thursday 8th November, 2012, I attended the Inaugural 'George Robert Iles Memorial Lecture', held at the Burnside Uniting Church. (Thanks to Owen Davis and others for coming up with the idea). The Lecture was given by Professor Brian Edgar, entitled 'A Tale of Two Cities'. Brian's own Blog can be found at Brian Edgar The subtitle tells what the lecture was about: 'Understanding the Relationship between Christ and Culture'. In this lecture he described 8 ways of conceiving of the church's role in society: 1. Aliens in a foreign land 2. Examples of an alternative community 3. Rulers of Christendom 4. Residents of two cities 5. Reformers of society 6. Workers in all spheres of life 7. Citizens of a pluralistic society 8. Friends of the world The fact is that all 8 ways of participation within the world have some validity, and can be useful in thinking through how best to respond and function in the array of situations within life today. Thanks Brian, it was an excellent Word. At the same time, Callum Iles, Robert's son, released the new Blog which is to host some of Robert's writings. Rob was/is a funny man, and always spoke with theological depth and biblical insight, in his weekly preaching. These writings are to be found at: The Writings of George Rober Iles Keep Thinking, Christologically! Trevor.

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