Friday, March 23, 2007

Creation Groans

Do you sometimes groan, and sigh, and long for things to be different? The whole creation groans (Romans 8), as it awaits a more wonderful future (no more pain or death) – guaranteed by the resurrection of Jesus, and the faithfulness of God our Father-Creator. The Spirit works in our hearts, and in the world, to help us to anticipate, and to pray with deep sighs and eager longing, as we approach the coming day – when all things old, will be made new. Not everyone believes this!!
Amidst our daily routines, we
1. Bear witness to God’s Grand Picture – eg. ‘a child playing with snake’ - the promise of everlasting peace. We also:
2. Participate in the one mandate of God (Gen. 1:28) for creation: fruitfulness, multiplying, filling the earth, and subduing the elements. What a vocation!

The Zoo welcomes many amazing creatures: lions, seals, monkeys & …visitors. All remind us of the joy, delight, variety and splendour of creation! The Green Movement, urgently call people, nations, and communities to take immediate steps to correct environmental destruction. We should too.

However, the Christian church is not to panic. We have an even more urgent call to others: Yes - care for creation, but do so in hope; not anger. To care for creation was part of humanity’s mandate from the outset. The further battle humanity must contend with, is due to God’s ancient curse; the further battle Christians contend with is to witness to hope, assured in Christ.

Ever-Present Lord, guide us in our proclamation!

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