Friday, March 23, 2007

First Sign - in John's Gospel

The first of Jesus signs, in Cana of Galilee, was to turn water into wine at a wedding. This sign revealed his glory.

The crucial Man had arrived - within the flow and rhythm of God’s plan – when the time had fully come. The eternal Word, who co-created the world, had now become truly human flesh – in the birth of Jesus. This man – we now see by faith – was the co-creator of the world. He could transform a wedding disaster into a generous triumph. This man – who has everything to do with creation – launched into his ministry by an act of kindness, which also signalled his power to engage dynamically with the whole fabric of creation. This signals to us the power of Jesus to make all things new. This signals to us the significance of Jesus for creation. This man at last, would prove to be - ‘very good’!

In the ‘very good’ of all creation, with man and woman on the 6th day (Gen. 1:31), we make 2 important points:
1. Human beings once knew total innocence. A situation we cannot fully imagine, but need to at least appreciate.
2. It was ‘Very Good’. The word ‘perfect’ is not quite suitable. Why? Well, humanity was yet untested. To grow as human beings, testing is part of the plan. Jesus too, was tested.
Father, help us appreciate the ‘very good’ of creation; help us even more to appreciate the ‘very wonderful’ of our Redeemer.

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