Friday, March 23, 2007

Matter Really Matters!


The word Gnostic is derived from the Greek word: gnosis, meaning knowledge. While it is essential to know Christ, the Gnostics wrongly taught that people are saved by special knowledge; not so! Most Gnostics rejected the Primary Old Testament teaching of Creation.

The New Testament churches had to correct this false teaching. This is also necessary to correct today. Like the early church, human beings – ever since the fall of Adam ane Eve - have an inbuilt tendency to take a distorted view of their Creator, and hence of the creation, and hence of the human body.

Greek thinking was wrong, when it taught that matter was evil, and that pure knowledge alone was good. Gnostics were quite wrong when they taught that Man was ‘a spark of divinity’ imprisoned in a body. People are not souls trapped in bodies.

Some people still think that ”spiritual” things matter, but “physical” things do not matter. The Christian message is that:

“Matter really matters!”

Jesus was raised as a Man – with flesh and blood. His resurrection body was not (as the hoax archaeological reports suggest) merely “spiritual”. Jesus said himself that he was not some sort of a ghost. No, Jesus rose as a true Man. This is a great affirmation of the goodness of the human body. This is also a great affirmation of the substantial goodness of the whole of the creation – seen and unseen.

The Creator is faithful to Creation.
His plan has not failed; it will not fail; creation will not fail.
Dear friends: Entrust yourselves to a faithful Creator!
(1Peter 4:19)

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